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Pasir Gudang, Malaysia 帕西古当 Pointe des Galets,Reunion 加莱角

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1.International export business:
Ningbo LianSheng Logistics co., Ltd. We have a close relationship with global airlines. At the same time we have a confidence we could supply the safe, fast and accurate service by virtue of our many year’s experience in Ningbo and our geographical advantage. Our professional people arrange the best route and save freight charge for you. At the same time we have domestic network. And we can deal with the import goods from Beijing , Tianjin , shanghai , Ningbo, Hangzhou , Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Zhengzhou , Urumchi and so on.

At present. Our agent airlines as follows:
United airline,united continental airline,fin airline,British airline,France airline,Klm airline,Lufthansa airline,Singapore,airline,Pakistan,airline,Malaysia,airline
Canada,airline,Italy airline,Austrian airline,all Nippon airlines
Scandinavian airline Qatar airline,Cathay pacific airline

Business scope:
Supply the air export ,door to door transport , freight collect from Xian to all over the world
Supply export of trilateral trade transport service , Hongkong transit
Supply export declaration, customs transit
Inspection by ccib and so on.
Supply pick up the goods , land carrier and storage etc.

Superior export route: the united states and Canada line, European line, southeast Asia line, south Africa line

2.International import of air cargo business:
Following the global economic integration. China need to import large qunatity of machinery and raw material from others countries. For example: how to arrange the superior transportation is a . Difficult problem for importuner. You can choose preety cargo help you out of the problems. Pretty cargo have 43 countries and 120 cities network.supply you pick up the goods from outside .booking .declaration. Shipping . Customs clearance and door to door service. In order to give best service to client. We will track and monitore the goods. Contact with customers or his agent.
business scope
supply door to door whole service to import air cargo from the main countries.
supply the demolition. Tally of th goods and than shipped for import trilateral trade in Hongkong
supply customs clearance . Transit and inspection by ccib in chinese port
for the goods from port to mainland . We supply highway transport and send it to customer

Shipping export:
★supply booking. Declaration. Packing in yard. Original packing .commodity inspection. Animal and plant inspection. Storage and transportation
★supply fcl and lcl transportation
★supply devanning. Clearancing . Picking up and delivering ect door to door service.
★agent shipping insurance.
★supply real time information and feedback service.
★accept inquiry for route . Ship dynamics freight charge and so on any time

Shipping import:
★accept commission. Use agent relationship, undertake import business from all over the world to china
★supply transfer the documents. Customs clearance. Inspection. Animal and plant quarantine. Accept from yard.
★supply direct to fcl and devanning allocated to lcl
★accept transport the weight and big imported goods
★send arrival information to shipper and consignee in time
★supply transport to inland for imported cargo




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