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Vietnam line:
The first service as a reference point, with reasonable price as the starting point, providing a set of logistics transportation plan is perfect, in order to save transportation costs, we advocate the "scientific management, high quality and high efficiency to achieve" slogan. Chinese - Vietnam transportation from warehouse delivery, sorting, packaging, warehousing, customs clearance and delivery, we provide one-stop service.
The main service:
Vietnam, Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam courier, land and sea four plate; a task from customers to provide transportation for solid circulation destination customs clearance and delivery receipt, we carry out a full range tracking and feedback information, so you always know the goods dynamic situation.
Delivery process:
Simple and convenient, the clearance package, package delivery, tariff package. You only need to provide, name of goods, packing list, number, volume, weight, value of goods, the consignee address, contact method, other issues we help you well.
Value added services: provide the transport to pay, payment collection, agent, customs clearance, customs clearance, pay for verification and tax rebates and other services.系统化的仓库操作流程及管理规范。保证在存储、装卸及运输过程中, 不使商品价值有所损失。严格遵循首进首出的原则按照合理的装卸方法及码放方式操作。先进的仓库电脑管理系统。合理的库存, 保证放货、发货数量品种的正确性。商效的货架式存储方式。追求操作的安全性及提高场地的利用率, 提高收、发货速度。





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